Bellevue Woman Finds Relief from Facial Redness with BBL Laser Fotofacial

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Bellevue Woman Finds Relief from Facial Redness with BBL Laser Fotofacial

The patient came to our Mercer Island dermatology practice looking for help reducing redness on the cheeks and bringing her mild Rosacea under control. Creams and other prescription medications used in the past were no longer working to minimize visible redness on the face.

Recommendations for Rosacea

The dermatologist recommended a Fotofacial using BroadBand Light fotofacial treatment. Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder that can begin as just a mild flush across the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. As the disorder continues, facial redness becomes prolonged and intense. Tiny, broken blood vessels in the affected area can become visible. Bumps and pustules may also form. While there is not yet a cure for Rosacea, treatment of the symptoms can reduces the duration of the flares. The therapy targets broken blood vessels, removing spots of discoloration and removing blood vessels that contribute to the redness. The laser’s heat destroys the capillaries, reducing the redness. The BroadBand Light laser can also provide skin with a smoother texture, removing bumps associated with the condition. Patients may feel a sting during treatment and will experience a red flush that will fade over the next few days. Over-the-counter medication is usually the only follow-up treatment needed. Each treatment takes only a few minutes but the treatment effects are long-lasting.

BroadBand Light Fotofacial Treatment Results

After five Fotofacial treatments, the patient had no visible redness and her skin texture had improved. She was very happy with the results and has signed up for the laser hair reduction package based on her experience with the dermatologist. She said she had a “wonderful” experience and was pleased with the dermatologist’s knowledge of how the BBL Sciton laser could meet her dermatology needs.