Bellevue Woman Uses Skin Tyte Treatment to Firm Loose Skin in Abdominal Area

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Bellevue Woman Uses Skin Tyte Treatment to Firm Loose Skin in Abdominal Area

After a year-long fitness plan, a Bellevue woman was successfully able to lose her unwanted weight. While she looks great, she has been left with some loose skin in her abdominal area that she is having trouble firming up. She has tried several over-the-counter creams to tighten this skin area, but they were ineffective. She went to Island Dermatology to see if they had any treatments that would help her firm up this area of her body.

She was looking to find a non-invasive surgery that would not be too painful and would not require her to take any time off of work. The staff was able to listen to her concerns and answer any of her questions about their services. They took her information and set her up with an appointment with the dermatologist. At this appointment the dermatologist evaluated her skin and created a dermatology treatment plan that would work right for her.

The dermatologist recommended that she have the broadband light (BBL)’s Skin Tyte treatment done. The skin tyte process involves using an infrared light to renew the collagen that is located deep under the skin. The dermatologist suggested five to six treatments to give the woman the look she wanted. She was able to see results after the first treatment and by treatment number six, her abdominal skin was firm and smooth, just like she wanted. She was very pleased that there was no down time, she didn’t even have to take any time off work!