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What’s the benefit of getting Cool Sculpting repeated after only two to three weeks?


Zeltiq recommends that people wait 4-6 weeks between treatments because most patients want to see the result of one treatment before deciding if they need to treat again. There is no harm in treating at a 2 and-a-half week time frame; it would enable you to see a more dramatic result in a shorter period […]

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The Skinny on Cool Sculpting


What you don’t know about this fat freezing procedure! -7/10 people would do it again, according to the RealSelf Worth It Rating. -Sometimes it’s a two-hour procedure. Though it’s usually marketed to only be an hour, that time is for one area only. If you need love handles treated, that’s two areas- No one wants […]

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How fat is eliminated after Cool Sculpting

Coolsculpting permanently removes body fat. The process “grabs and holds” bulges of body fat with a suction applicator then cools the deep tissue to temperatures that result in death of fat cells which are far more sensitive to the low temperatures than the other tissues of the body. Skin, blood vessels, and healthy muscle fibers […]

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Cool Sculpting Works- Bellevue, WA


I’m a 44 year old female, I work out and watch what I eat, never had six pack abs but I’ve always maintained my body in pretty good shape. I’ve had several CoolSculpting treatments at Island Dermatology and I love the results. I started with my abdomen and the “love handles”, as those were bothering […]

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Cool Night Out Event


Join us Wednesday, September 18th from 5:00-7:30pm for appetizers, drinks and specials for Cool Sculpting, our non-invasive fat reduction treatment. The best non-surgical treatment available for Body Contouring! Receive a complimentary consult and the BEST DEALS we have ever offered. Attendees are automatically entered into our drawing for a FREE treatment. Double your chances when […]

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Body Contouring with Cool Sculpting

CoolSculpting is the latest technology to help remove unwanted fat. It is the least invasive procedure that leaves you with minimal downtime and results that last.   The procedure helps reduce or remove pockets of unwanted fat in stubborn areas. Many people lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and still have trouble spots. Surgical procedures […]

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Mercer Island Woman Turns to Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq for Targeted Fat Reduction

A Mercer Island woman came to Island Dermatology for help with spot treatment of stubborn fat and cellulite on her lower abdomen. She exercises regularly and adheres to a healthy, balanced diet but has been unable to lose that small bit of fat on her lower stomach. After consulting with the dermatologist, it was recommended […]

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COOL NIGHT OUT – Seattle Body Contouring

Let us show you how to do something even better than keeping a resolution – celebrate a cool new you with CoolSculpting®. This revolutionary new treatment eliminates stubborn fat naturally, without surgery or downtime.   Special pricing for attendees only  • Live demos • Free consultations Appetizers and drinks • Qualify to win a free […]

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Kirkland Woman Turns to Cool Sculpting to Lose Stubborn Fat

After exercising diligently and watching her diet, a Kirkland woman continued to struggle with her “trouble spots,” including love handles. Feeling frustrated, she turned to Island Dermatology for a non-invasive treatment that could treat these specific trouble spots. The dermatologist recommended Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq, which could reduce fat in a specific area by 25 […]

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4 Areas on the Body to use Body Contouring

Body contouring methods can literally reshape the body, removing excessive fat and toning sagging skin. One of the most promising fat reduction techniques involves freezing fat cells. Since fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other skin cells, applying cold can cause the fat to dissolve, while leaving other skin tissue unharmed. The procedure, […]

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