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Seattle Woman Achieves Younger Looking Hands with BBL Laser Fotofacial and Skin Tyte Treatments

A woman came to Island Dermatology in Seattle for treatment of wrinkles and uneven pigmentation on her hands. She wanted to fade the brown spots and freckles and return firmness to the skin to give her hands a younger appearance. The dermatologist recommended Fotofacial and Skin Tyte treatments with the BBL laser. The Fotofacial laser […]

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Bellevue Woman Reverses Effects of Skin’s Sun Damage With Fotofacial Treatment

A woman from Bellevue, WA 98005 was looking to diminish the look of wrinkles and aging skin. She has spent years in the sun, not realizing how damaging all of that sun exposure could be to the skin. Her skin was now wrinkled and gave her the appearance of being much older than she actually […]

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Bellevue Woman Looks Years Younger After Island Dermatology Treats Age Spots on Her Hands with BroadBand Light Fotofacial

A happy and successful fifty-four year old woman from 98006 zip code in Bellevue, Washington had been embarrassed of her hands for over ten years. She began to notice age spots on them in her thirties, but over time they had become darker and more had appeared. She had always heard the remark that you could […]

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Island Dermatology Helps Rejuvenate Mercer Island Woman’s Skin with a Fotofacial

Like many women who have spent too much time enjoying the sun’s rays without adequate protection, one of our clients from Mercer Island felt frustrated with her fine lines and wrinkles. She had also experienced extensive sun damage on her face, including areas dotted with freckling and age spots. In order to improve the appearance […]

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Bellevue Woman Finds Relief from Facial Redness with BBL Laser Fotofacial

The patient came to our Mercer Island dermatology practice looking for help reducing redness on the cheeks and bringing her mild Rosacea under control. Creams and other prescription medications used in the past were no longer working to minimize visible redness on the face. Recommendations for Rosacea The dermatologist recommended a Fotofacial using BroadBand Light fotofacial treatment. Rosacea is a […]

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