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How Hair Removal Works

There’s no shortage of treatment options for getting rid of unwanted hair in the Seattle market these days. Whether it’s shaving, waxing, or creams, all of these hair removal methods have one thing in common: they’re not permanent. Laser hair removal, however, is a permanent method of ridding your body of hair. Read on to […]

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Seattle Man Gets A Smooth Back With Laser Hair Removal From Island Dermatology

BroadBand Light (BBL) Therapy recently helped a young Island Dermatology patient from Queen Anne. He came to the treatment center complaining of embarrassing hair growth on his back and shoulders. He explained that he had turned to Laser Hair Removal as his appearance was leading to low self-esteem and a loss of confidence. He felt self-conscious taking off […]

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Woman from 98040 Zip Code Receives Laser Hair Removal Treatment to Eliminate Hair on Upper Lip and Chin

A woman from Mercer Island came to the Island Dermatology office because she wanted to eliminate the hair that was on her upper lip and chin area. She has tried shaving this hair off for many years, but it left her skin irritated and she had to shave every day. She also tried waxing her […]

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Bellevue Laser Hair Removal Helps Elmiminate Need To Shave Legs

A Bellevue woman preparing for the summer came to the offices of Island Dermatology looking for a way to permanently remove the hair from her legs. The hairs on her legs were dark and therefore required her to shave every day so the hairs would not be noticeable. She was tired of the time it […]

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Seattle Laser Hair Removal For Your Bikini Line

There is nothing worse than unveiling a new bikini after a long winter and getting ready for a great time at the beach, then noticing that you have a large amount of unwanted hair on the bikini line. Unwanted hair in the bikini area is extremely embarrassing. Shaving leaves behind awkward stubble and black bumps […]

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Seattle’s Full Body Laser Hair Removal Specialists

The problem of excessive or unwanted body hair is a common one. Unwanted body hair can cause discomfort, self-consciousness and can adversely affect your quality of life. The professionals at Island Dermatology are experienced providers of full body laser hair removal. We offer safe and affordable services that will help you achieve the look you […]

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Laser Hair Removal For Eyebrows

Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Treatments: Island Dermatology offers eyebrow laser hair removal treatments to help you achieve perfectly arched eyebrows without the pain and hassle of tweezing or waxing. We at Island Dermatology are experienced skincare professionals with the latest technology available in our offices. Our staff can assist with a custom plan and price […]

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Do Laser Hair Removal Treatments Hurt?

While laser hair removal treatments may be a non-invasive, fast and permanent hair removal option for the majority of people, there are other things to take into consideration before deciding to take this hair removal route. One very important question to ask is: Will laser hair removal treatments hurt? Level of Pain Generally speaking, laser […]

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What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis is a process that involves using electricity to rid the body of unwanted hair. This is accomplished by inserting a tiny needle into individual hair follicles. The needle, or probe, is attached to a device that provides an electric current. Once the probe is in the correct place, the activated current destroys the hair […]

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In Seattle? Laser Hair Removal For Your Stomach

Having too much hair on the abdomen is a cause of great discomfort and embarrassment. It requires tedious amounts of work to tend to and is quite unsightly. We at Island Dermatology are here to help rid you of your worries. We provide laser hair removal treatments for the stomach that are safe, affordable and […]

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