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Melasma (Facial Pigmentation)

[show_avatar align=left] I have recently been treating a fellow staff member for her melasma on the face. She has had it for approximately one year, and this summer it was worsened with several vacations and exposure to the sun. Although she was diligent with sunscreen and tried to stay out of the sun, her […]

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Seattle Women Uses Microlaser Peel and ProFractional Sciton Laser to Heal Damaged Skin and Even Discoloration

With years of sun damage that led to hyperpigmentation and redness of her skin, our client was self-conscious about her appearance and felt that she looked much older than she was. Until recently, the only options dermatologists had for treating this type of skin were chemical peels and dermabrasions. While many clinics still use these options, […]

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Redmond Yoga Instructor Uses BBL Laser for Laser Hair Removal

A yoga instructor working in the Redmond area came to Island Dermatology for laser hair removal of her underarm hair. Her work requires her to wear a sleeveless yoga top most days, and the yoga poses often require putting this area of the body on display. She didn’t want to have to worry about visible […]

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Bellevue Woman Uses Skin Tyte Laser Treatment to Firm Sagging Skin After Pregnancy

A woman wanted to firm the sagging skin on her stomach following the birth of her child. Prior to becoming pregnant, she had tight skin on her abdomen and wanted that same appearance now. The dermatologist at Island Dermatology recommended the Skin Tyte treatment using the BBL Laser. The BBL Laser can provide noticeable improvement […]

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Seattle Woman Turns to Skin Tyte with BBL Laser to Firm Loose Skin, Minimize Wrinkles

A woman came to Island Dermatology to help improve the appearance of her neck and chin, which had sagging skin and wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging. The dermatologist recommended a series of Skin Tyte treatments using a BBL Laser. Skin Tyte uses pulsed light to deliver targeted infrared thermal heat. The heat stimulates […]

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Mercer Island Woman Turns to Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq for Targeted Fat Reduction

A Mercer Island woman came to Island Dermatology for help with spot treatment of stubborn fat and cellulite on her lower abdomen. She exercises regularly and adheres to a healthy, balanced diet but has been unable to lose that small bit of fat on her lower stomach. After consulting with the dermatologist, it was recommended […]

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Kirkland Woman Turns to Cool Sculpting to Lose Stubborn Fat

After exercising diligently and watching her diet, a Kirkland woman continued to struggle with her “trouble spots,” including love handles. Feeling frustrated, she turned to Island Dermatology for a non-invasive treatment that could treat these specific trouble spots. The dermatologist recommended Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq, which could reduce fat in a specific area by 25 […]

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Seattle Woman Achieves Younger Looking Hands with BBL Laser Fotofacial and Skin Tyte Treatments

A woman came to Island Dermatology in Seattle for treatment of wrinkles and uneven pigmentation on her hands. She wanted to fade the brown spots and freckles and return firmness to the skin to give her hands a younger appearance. The dermatologist recommended Fotofacial and Skin Tyte treatments with the BBL laser. The Fotofacial laser […]

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Renton Woman Turns to Profractional Sciton Laser to Improve Appearance of Face and Neck

A Renton woman came to Island Dermatology for help reversing the damage caused by the sun and aging. She had brown spots and freckles on her face and neck, and there were wrinkles she wanted to smooth and firm. The dermatologist recommended one treatment with the Profractional Sciton Laser. The treatment softens fine lines and […]

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Bellevue Man Gets Rid of Acne Scars with the help of Island Dermatology

This Bellevue, 98007 man was suffering from skin problems. As a teenager, he had had terrible acne. Now, in his forties, the acne scars were becoming more obvious on his aging skin. On top of that, he was developing a lot of wrinkles. He was beginning to feel old every time he looked in the […]

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