Profactional Therapy

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Bellevue Young Adult Removes Acne Scars Using Profractional Sciton Laser Treatment

When a young woman in her twenties came to Island Dermatology, she was insecure and self-conscious about the scarring on her face left from years of battling acne during her teens. She felt like the damage done to her skin was now holding her back from securing employment and from dating. She was wrestling with […]

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Profractional Therapy Helps Mercer Island Patient Look Younger!

Island Dermatology helps a Mercer Island woman get back her confidence using the latest broadband light therapy called profractional therapy. Sally, who has lived in Mercer Island her entire life, is ready to face the world with a fresh new look. Sally’s teen years were spent living with severe acne. She vividly remembers being taunted […]

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