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Bellevue Man Gets Rid of Acne Scars with the help of Island Dermatology

This Bellevue, 98007 man was suffering from skin problems. As a teenager, he had had terrible acne. Now, in his forties, the acne scars were becoming more obvious on his aging skin. On top of that, he was developing a lot of wrinkles. He was beginning to feel old every time he looked in the […]

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Bellevue Woman Looks Years Younger After Island Dermatology Treats Age Spots on Her Hands with BroadBand Light Fotofacial

A happy and successful fifty-four year old woman from 98006 zip code in Bellevue, Washington had been embarrassed of her hands for over ten years. She began to notice age spots on them in her thirties, but over time they had become darker and more had appeared. She had always heard the remark that you could […]

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Bellevue Woman Uses Skin Tyte Treatment to Firm Loose Skin in Abdominal Area

After a year-long fitness plan, a Bellevue woman was successfully able to lose her unwanted weight. While she looks great, she has been left with some loose skin in her abdominal area that she is having trouble firming up. She has tried several over-the-counter creams to tighten this skin area, but they were ineffective. She […]

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Island Dermatology Helps Bellevue Women Look Years Younger with Skin Tyte

A young at heart woman from Bellevue, WA 98006 zip code entered the Island Dermatology office hoping to find a treatment that would help her look younger on the outside too. She was very concerned about the sagging skin that was under her chin and on her neck. The woman believed that the sagging skin […]

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Island Dermatology Helps Rejuvenate Mercer Island Woman’s Skin with a Fotofacial

Like many women who have spent too much time enjoying the sun’s rays without adequate protection, one of our clients from Mercer Island felt frustrated with her fine lines and wrinkles. She had also experienced extensive sun damage on her face, including areas dotted with freckling and age spots. In order to improve the appearance […]

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Bellevue Woman Finds Relief from Facial Redness with BBL Laser Fotofacial

The patient came to our Mercer Island dermatology practice looking for help reducing redness on the cheeks and bringing her mild Rosacea under control. Creams and other prescription medications used in the past were no longer working to minimize visible redness on the face. Recommendations for Rosacea The dermatologist recommended a Fotofacial using BroadBand Light fotofacial treatment. Rosacea is a […]

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Sciton BBL Laser Treatments in Seattle – ProFractional Therapy

Island Dermatology is a laser and skin care clinic in Seattle. Our professionals offer Sciton BBL Laser Treatments, and the Sciton Laser Resurfacing has recently been featured on the Dr. Oz Show. The BBL, or the Broad Band Light, can perform a broad range of aesthetic procedures and non-invasive treatments. When using BBL, light energy […]

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Sciton BBL Laser Treatments in Seattle – Blue Light Acne Treatment

Between 50-90% of people in the United States will suffer from an acne related diagnosis at one point in their life. Hundreds of thousands of people in Seattle alone have dealt with this disorder, which causes pimples, redness, white heads and scarring. The disorder itself is caused by hormones and other triggers affecting the skin’s […]

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Sciton BBL Laser Treatments in Seattle – Skin Tyte

Tired of watching your skin lose firmness and its youthful appearance? You’re not alone. Millions of people in Seattle area and elsewhere watch the deterioration of their skin’s firm and tight appearance. Whether through weight loss, sun exposure, or aging, many are disturbed to find their skin sagging prematurely. Fortunately, if you wish to regain […]

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Sciton BBL Laser Treatments in Seattle – Trifecta Peel

The Three-in-One Solution Trifecta: it often conjures up images of horse racing, but it can also mean any set of three, typically when those three things come at the right time, or in the right order. It’s usually a positive connotation, which is why the Trifecta Peel treatment is aptly named. By combining three separate […]

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