Elderly Often Miss Melanomas According To Medical News

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Elderly Often Miss Melanomas According To Medical News

A retroactive study performed at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine discovered that while the patient him or herself finds at least half of primary cutaneous melanomas, this number drops considerably when patients are over fifty. It is likely that older patients may mistake melanomas for normal signs of dermatological aging. However, a lot more study is needed. Another factor is that older patients are more likely to be routinely screened for lesions. In our Seattle dermatology practice, we do recommend screening for high risk patients, especially men over fifty.

The study does indicate that patient education may be a more important factor than screening in the early detection of skin cancer. This education is more important for patients under fifty. We at Island Dermatology feel this study should be considered highly preliminary, especially since it did not distinguish between lesions noted by the patient or by a third party other than the dermatologist such as a spouse or friend. So, while this piece of dermatology news is of interest, true controlled trials are needed.

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