Light Therapy Treatment

Light Therapy Treatment

Light therapy, also known as photodynamic light therapy, is performed by exposing the skin to specific wavelengths of light using lasers or light emitting diodes (light source). Light and laser based therapy now encompass a broad varieth of equipment and techniques for hair removal, anti-aging, the elimination of skin spots and broken capillaries. Light therapy can be used to treat disorders such as acne vulgaris, eczema, psoriasis, abnormal pigmentation, and pigment loss (vitiligo).

The professionals at Island Dermatology utilize top of the line equipment when performing light therapy treatments. A list of light therapy treatments and description of the tools we use to conduct light therapy treatment can be found below.

Diolite 532 Laser

Used to treat cosmetic skin issues on the face, including broken blood vessels and age spots. The 532 nm laser emits an intense beam of laser light on the targeted area, dissolving the blood vessels or blemished area and eliminating the discoloration on the surface of the skin. Procedures utilizing the Diolite 532 laser do not require anesthesia. Side effects include temporary redness and swelling in treated areas, which typically dissipates within a couple of hours.

BroadBand Light (BBL)

Used in hair removal and anti-aging procedures, and to treat multiple skin diseases, such as acne and rosacea. The machine’s broad array of wavelengths allows for its use to treat multiple medical and cosmetic conditions on various parts of the body including the face, neck, hands and arms. Procedures utilizing the BBL broadband light laser do not require anesthesia. The devise contains a thermo-electric cooler that reduces discomfort during and after the procedure.

BlueLight Photodynamic Therapy

Used to treat acne and pre-cancers of the skin by directing a concentrated blue light to the skin. Photodynamic light therapy takes advantage of natural porphorins in the skin can be augmented by the addition of ALA (aminolevulinic acid). ALA is activated by wavelengths in the blue light spectrum and destroy acne promoting bacteria or precancerous skin cells. The treatment is free of any long term side effects but does cause temporary redness and peeling.

Narrow Band Ultraviolet Light Treatment (NB/UVB)

Used to treat a variety of skin conditions including psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema. Narrowband UVB lamps emit a narrow spectrum of wavelengths (close to 311 nm) focused on the area of the body being treated. UVB Narrow Band is far more efficient in its therapeutic effects than traditional UVB therapy. It delivers more of the beneficial UV rays with much less risk of burning the skin and causing more serious problems down the line. Light treatments are carefully monitored by our staff to prevent burning of the skin.

Light Therapy Services

The non-invasive nature of light therapy treatment has made it an extremely popular tool to help cure a myriad of skin conditions and reverse the signs of aging. Because Island Dermatology is committed to providing our patients with the best results with the least amount of discomfort, we utilize light therapy in many of our services:

Acne Skin Treatment
Eczema Treatment
Psoriasis Treatment
Rosacea Treatment
Skin Cancer Treatment
Anti-aging Treatment
Skin Rejuvenation Treatment