Results of Spider Vein Treatment

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Results of Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins are small discolorations resulting from blood vessels that appear in a tree branch or spider pattern and most commonly affect the legs, arms, neck and face. Depending on the severity, spider veins are unsightly and can even result in the development of several maladies including aching, itching, night cramps or heaviness. Fortunately, sufferers can turn to Island Dermatology for spider vein treatment and therapy that will alleviate or even eliminate symptoms.

Cosmetic Solutions for Spider Veins

Spider veins are primarily a cosmetic concern for most patients. With many patients affected in the lower leg, it is difficult for sufferers to wear shorts without feeling self-conscious about their condition. Those who are affected on the neck or face suffer even more severely. Fortunately, Island Dermatology offers a caring and knowledgeable staff skilled in Sclerotherapy, an injection therapy that yields very good results in spider vein treatment.

Sclerotherapy patients will undergo one or more sessions of injections in order to minimize or eliminate spider veins. Often, eliminating 50 to 80 percent of the affected areas is possible with one treatment. Many patients will experience total elimination of spider veins with the second treatment, while some may require three or more treatments to remove every spider vein. A very low percentage of patients will not respond to Sclerotherapy; however, other treatments may equal the results of injection therapy in these rare cases.

Alleviating Physical Ailments

Sclerotherapy is the only spider vein treatment that also alleviates non-cosmetic symptoms such as aching and itching in the affected areas. Patients may experience partial to total elimination of symptoms at the end of the treatment and healing process. Results vary widely depending on the condition’s severity, however, so it is best to consult with a skin care professional at Island Dermatology in order to determine realistic expectations and outcomes of treatment.