Seattle’s Full Body Laser Hair Removal Specialists

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Seattle’s Full Body Laser Hair Removal Specialists

The problem of excessive or unwanted body hair is a common one. Unwanted body hair can cause discomfort, self-consciousness and can adversely affect your quality of life. The professionals at Island Dermatology are experienced providers of full body laser hair removal. We offer safe and affordable services that will help you achieve the look you have always wanted. Take the first step in ridding yourself of embarrassing body hair; contact our caring staff for a custom price quote today.

How many full body laser hair removal treatments are needed?

Different areas will require varying numbers of treatment to control the unwanted hair. Typically, facial areas, under arms, legs, the bikini line and back need between 3 and 8 laser hair removal treatments. The actual number of noninvasive laser treatments will depend on factors including the coarseness and density of the hair. The individual treatments are spaced at 8 to 12 week intervals. One benefit of full body laser hair removal is that treatment of other areas can be scheduled during the 8 to 12 week intervals.

Will my body hair grow back?

Laser hair removal does not guarantee permanent results, but it is a fast, effective way to achieve your desired look. Laser treatments affect only hairs in one growth stage, so repeated treatments are necessary to target hair as it reaches the optimal stage for removal. This is one of the reasons for spacing treatments 8 to 12 weeks apart.

What average costs are associated with full body laser hair removal treatments?

The costs involved will vary, depending on the treatment area. Individual facial treatments typically range in cost between $50 to $150 for the upper lip and $150 to $300 for the chin area. Bikini line treatments can cost between $100 and $225.00. Underarm laser hair removal will average $100 to $250 per treatment. Individual treatments on the back can typically cost between $300 and $750. The legs are usually the largest treated areas, with individual sessions that can cost $700 to $1200 each.

Do laser hair removal treatments in any one body area hurt more than in other areas?

Of all the areas treated in full body laser hair removal, the bikini line is probably the most sensitive due to the high number of nerve ending in the region. Application of a topical anesthetic helps to alleviate any discomfort.

What side effects can I expect after full body laser hair removal treatments?

Minor side effects can include redness and irritation, with slight stinging in the treatment area. You may also experience minor swelling in the area. Side effects typically disappear one or two days after treatment. You might also see slight pigment changes in the individual treatment areas. There are few, if any, long-term effects or risks with laser hair removal.

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