What Side Effects Can I Expect From Spider Vein Treatment

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What Side Effects Can I Expect From Spider Vein Treatment

Side effects are a risk of any medical treatment. Fortunately, serious or severe side effects very rarely occur in the case of spider vein treatment or therapy. It is ultimately a personal decision to undergo any type of procedure and patients must decide whether possible complications are an acceptable risk. A personal consultation is necessary and the knowledgeable skin care professionals at Island Dermatology will assist you with any cares or concerns you may have about your treatment.

Common Side Effects

The list for common side effects as a result of spider vein treatment includes temporary and minor maladies such as raised red areas at injection sites, bruising, itching, swelling and the need for further injection therapy. Moderate in severity, effects such as bleeding, pain, skin discoloration and swelling may persist throughout the healing process. Therapy may also result in more severe conditions such as unfavorable scarring, infection, change in skin sensation and poor healing at injection sites.

Rare Side Effects

More rare, but no less a concern are several maladies that may affect a small percentage of spider vein treatment patients. Possibilities include damage to blood vessels, muscles and nerves (temporary or permanent), ulceration and red streaking around the groin. Island Dermatology physicians will assist you in determining the likelihood of any of these conditions occurring after treatment based on your medical history and other factors.

While side effects are a risk, the caring and professional staff at Island Dermatology will inform you of the possible side effects following your spider vein treatment and provide support in making the right decision for your personal goals.